Obituary of a Master’s Thesis

Many of us (fortunate enough of being born into a relatively wealthy society and privileged enough to go through the university education system) will be familiar with the following experience: To finally receive a degree, we’re bound to ‘work’ relatively ‘hard’ on one single document, over an extended period of time, which eventually ends up being called ‘MA-Thesis_2015_FINAL!!!!!.docx’, or something on those lines. The efforts and pains and chunks of frustration put into this single document are, for the corresponding chapter in one’s life, often unparalleled – for month even, adding the _FINAL suffix to the doc is almost equal to the meaning of life itself – and all that, just to fulfill what is officially required to receive the longed-for academic title and then to subsequently forget about the document for the rest of our existence, banned straight out of our minds, never to be seen or noticed again? Doesn’t make much sense, does it?

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FA “Der Letzte Schöne Herbsstag” (7c) & “Muas da wuascht sein” (7a), Galerie, Martinswand

Gut Ding braucht Weil. Sagt man so. Als Lukas ‘Siggi’ Sigl und ich im Oktober 2011 beschlossen, eine neue Linie im oberen Stock des bei den Innsbruckern wegs seiner Panoramablicke und hohem Solariumfaktors sehr beliebten Klettergartens Galerie einzubohren, kannten wir zwar das Sprichwort, aber nicht die Relevanz für unsere neue Route. Etwas später bohrte Lukas […]

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Iceland by Sunset.

Hitch/Hike Iceland

I’ve been putting this long-expected post off for months now – for the simple reason that it seems to be an impossible task to put into words what Maria and me experienced in an entire four weeks of hitching and hiking and hitch-hiking through, across, and around the island Iceland. Where to start? What to write? And what’s the point, after all?

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